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November 13-November 24 2013

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In the tradition of NOISES OFF, and other great “backstage” comedies, Estonian Playwright Andri Luup’s is an existential comic romp focusing on the struggling Hermes Theatre and its artistic company members who are desperately searching for ways to bring audience members back to see shows. Through each character’s neurotic antics, their different ideas of what makes saleable modern art are hilariously thrown together until everyone can see where the problem lies but the “artists” themselves. As each new solution is replaced as quickly as it comes, Luup cleverly reveals the light and humor of the characters’ complex and fascinating real-life relationships, while also exposing core questions within many modern theatre companies:  What is “art” and why?  Can a company survive strictly on artistic principles without being commercial?  Can commercial theatre be artistic? DOVE explores these ever-present issues through the eyes of this zany theatre company and its work.

Performances at the Studio Theatre, located in the Music & Dramatic Arts Bldg (corner of Dalyrmple Dr & Infirmary Rd on the LSU campus)


Written By: Andri Luup, Translated by Markus H. Ilves

Directed By: Sean Daniels

Performances at the Studio Theatre

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  • Adult $28.00
  • Senior/Faculty/Staff $19.00
  • Student $15.00
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