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Swine Palace will hold community auditions on October 27th for its upcoming production of AIRLINE HIGHWAY by Lisa D’Amour. Auditions will be held in the Music and Dramatic Arts Building (room 125) on Saturday, October 27 10:00am – 3:00pm, and callbacks will be held on October 28, 12:00pm-3:00pm. Rehearsals begin on February 18, 2019. The show opens on March 22, 2019 and closes March 31, 2019. The show will be directed by Joy Vandervort-Cobb. All auditionees are requested to prepare a 90-second monologue of their choosing (not from the the show’s script.) To sign-up for an audition email stabler1@lsu.edu or call 225-578-9277


Airline Highway takes place in the parking lot of The Hummingbird Motel, off the titular highway near New Orleans, where the residents have gathered to celebrate the life of Miss Ruby, an iconic burlesque queen who has been a mother figure to them all. Miss Ruby's life is nearing its end, and she requests that her funeral takes place while she is still alive. As the Mardi Gras-esque celebration continues into the night, the stories of the residents, their pain and disappointments unfold. (Wikipedia)

Roles available

WAYNE - Caucasian probably mid-late 50's, although he could be older. Manager of the Hummingbird Hotel - he lives in a small apartment above the front office. Of old school, working class, Irish - German - NOLA descent. Pot Belly. The sweetest man on Airline Highway, too sweet, actually, way too happy to just be hanging out with interesting people, which is why he has not become anything other than the manager of the Hummingbird Hotel. Divorced some time ago. No kids.

FRANCIS - Caucasian early 60's. The mind/ creativity/ energy of a 30 year old, but the grizzly beard, worn face and watery eyes of a much older life long (happy) social drinker. A true poet, child of the beats, he's been scribbling out poems for years, with deep roots in the New Orleans poetry scene. A man about town, at all the right parties, a little too old for certain scenes, but he's always there, always on the move, always taking it.

TANYA- 62. Caucasian She's an old school hooker, been in business for many years, in and out of it, sometimes bartending, a bit of exotic dancing in the early days, not working at all for the one year 10 years ago when she was married to the rich banker from California. Tried for a while to start her own business giving in-home facials, lost a lot of money on that one. So for the past few years, she has been back at it, working out of The Hummingbird, servicing quite a few regular, mature clients. She can handle alcohol but she CAN turn into a crazy person when it comes to pain pills.

TERRY - African American, age flexible, he could really be anywhere from 45 - 55. Originally from the country, New Iberia, LA, but he has been in NOLA for quite some time -- -mostly to get away from the crowd he ran with in the country which were up to no good. He is a handyman and has the bad habit of ingratiating himself to people with money in order to get work from them. He cycles back to the Hummingbird every couple of months, after working for different people there and then screwing up. He has carried a torch for Krista for a few years now, and you know, maybe they did fool around a little once, at sunrise, at the end of one of the Hummingbird parking lot parties, when they were both a little toasted. But have they talked about it since? Of course not.

SISSY NA NA - African American or possibly Afro-Cuban or African-Puerto Rican. Mid 40's. Gender non-comforming bartender and karaoke Wrangler at The Cat's Meow on Bourbon Street. No surgery or hormones - she just dresses to reflect who she is. Though not without her demons, at the end of the day Sissy may be the most functional of all these lovable fools. She's got no patience for fooling around, she gets the job DONE. Maybe, probably, she gets other people's jobs done way more than she takes care of her own shit, you know? She is seduced by the potential of a joyful moment, of people having FUN and letting their guard down. This is why she has a specific kind of love for her profession, and yes, she does consider karaoke wrangling a profession, shut up.

MISS RUBY - Let's say she's 85. Dying (literally dying) infamous Bourbon Street burlesque performer had a club on Bourbon Street for years. Kind of the "mama" of Bourbon Street, she has had many ups and downs. At her core a brilliant business person / showperson, and also a woman ahead of her time when it comes to thinking about women's bodies, sex and objectification. If she had been born later, she might have been a performance artist, the belle of the art world. Instead she is the Belle of Bourbon Street, destined to be loved by a few and then forgotten.